an ATM anywhere... and at a moment’s notice.

Fixed-site ATMs are expensive, and often not practical for limited engagements or seasonal events. The mobile ATM changes this - to the extent that even remote weekend craft festivals are fair game. Our line-up of mobile ATM solutions includes these popular alternatives...


The Metro

Our Metro unit is a dual ATM workhorse. A secure area allows ample room to replenish cash discretely outside the view of passing customers.

Key features:

  independently retractable ATM system

  excellent storage for ATM supplies and event material

  largest, most visible ATM platform in the our line


The Cargo

Our Cargo ATM system is smaller than its Metro counterpart, but because it features a single retractable ATM, it’s also more affordable... ideal for first-time programs.

Key features:

  one retractable ATM

  excellent maneuverability in traffic

  MBS’s most affordable self-contained ATM system


The BigTow

The BigTow is a trailer-based platform that features dual retractable ATMs. These units are extremely affordable, yet equipped to handle high transaction volumes.

Key features:

  towable “drag and drop” functionality

  dual independently-retractable ATMs


The LittleTow

Our LittleTow features the smallest footprint available in any MBSystem. While limited in size, the LT doesn’t skimp on standard equipment.

Key features:

  towable “drag and drop” functionality

  customizable kiosk to suit virtually any ATM model

“When the Chamber called, we were ready, and that was a great day.”

- Satisfied Customer

Standard Equipment

  wireless communications

  wireless security

  integrated battery backup

  internal security systems

  onboard generator

  automated climate control

  shore / generator auto switch

  GPS tracking (service optional)

  physical security bundle