the ‘MB’ behind MBSystems

Matt Boga is the owner of MBSystems, and you may know him from his previous work at MATTS (Mobile Automated Teller Terminal Systems) of Reno, Nevada.

Matt was a senior partner at MATTS, and he’s been building mobile banking systems since 1994 (which is to say that his work predates most wireless technologies... and the internet itself). The systems have changed, but Matt’s blend of new solutions with “tried and true” methods continues to make each build uniquely “MB” today.

a complete solution

From communications design and engineering - to security systems and monitoring - to ATM operations, MBSystems continues to produce the highest-quality, most cost-efficient mobile banking platforms in the world.

a focused company

MBSystems isn’t a van conversion company or an armored car manufacturer: our work continues well after the welds cool. Mobile communications are our expertise, and because Matt was once a banker himself, his designs reflect a passion for practicality, security, and reliability. Because we sweat the details, our units perform accordingly in the field.

a custom solution

At MBSystems, there are no standard jobs. We build systems that work, and they work precisely because we involve our clients in the design & budgeting process. Your market, service strategy, and operational resources will impact the final build. We identify your program objectives early, and work from there to tailor an MBSystem to meet your needs and budget.

“We talked with a lot of people... After ten minutes with Matt, I knew he was the guy for the job - and MBS didn’t disappoint.”

- Satisfied Customer


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