MB means Build Quality...

Want to know what goes into every MBSystem? Well, our approach to each unit is the same. From initial fabrication to finished system, we sweat the details. Nowhere is that more apparent than in these three phases of production...



Our exclusive agreements with some of the best specialty vehicle companies in the world allow MBSystems to monitor build quality at every stage along the assembly line.



Each MBSystem is fitted with the latest communications technology. We independently source every component - and independently verify the robustness of each communication link. The end result is an MBSystem from start to finish.



Because MBSystem’s owner was once a banker himself, he understands the need for redundant security. Each MBSystem features a state-of-the-art security platform that is personally tested and certified by Matt Boga prior to final delivery.


“Our first unit was built by an RV conversion company... and we won’t make that mistake again. MBSystems actually understands banking.”

- Satisfied Customer


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Standard Security

  infrared detection sensors

  door contacts (all entry points)

  automated control panel

  anti-tow sensors

  physical theft deterrents

  wireless cellular transciever

  proprietary battery backup system

  GPS sensors (service optional)